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stressballs_ltd's Journal

Stress Balls LTD. -- Icons by Mallory
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Welcome to the icon journal of powder_trauma! Take a look around, take off your pants and jacket ...

General rules of my icons

Please give me credit for anything you take from here. I put a lot of work into these and it would really suck if you offered my icons up for download, posted them at other sites, claimed them to be your own, etc...
Please, upload to your own server. Who knows when my photobucket account will break, or die, or run out of room and force me to get rid of some things. Even if it's "just this once" or "just for this one", please don't.
Please do NOT edit my icons in any way, shape, or form. I made them a certain way for a reason. :D Unless I have stated that you may edit, do not do so. And if I do say you can do it, PLEASE COMMENT ON THE ENTRY AND LET ME KNOW YOU WILL DO SO, and then credit me for the base.
I'd love to get comments! Tell me what you think, and the such. Tell me what you think, what i could improve on, what seemed weird...
I'd also like to know what you're taking, if anything. <3
Other places:
I cannot stress this enough. Do NOT use my things on Xanga, Myspace, or any other whoreblogplace, because 90% of people who use icons there don't credit. I might allow this in the future IF I AM CREDITED. If you comment saying that you will comment and use it there, I may allow you... places with "journal" at the end are a different story, go nuts.



Wanna afilliate? :D Drop me an IM at Valor Overdrive (AIM) or Maruri_hizu (YAHOO!). You can also leave a comment on this entry, here.

Layout Info

Chacters : Various characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Images taken from avatarspirit.net
profile code borrowed from carriep63t2